Let’s be honest. Lectures are…​

Gamification Guru is on a mission to change boring training sessions into entertaining educational events. Use Gamification Guru’s approach to engage audiences and enhance the learning experience.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of using game thinking and game dynamics to engage audiences and solve problems.​
Gabe Zichermann

The One-Stop Shop for all of your Gamification Needs

Gamification Guru is a collection of games and interactive systems designed by the learning professionals at Looking Forward Consulting. They use these dynamic tools to support countless client initiatives and they want to share their love of these tools with the world.

Poll Guru

Live Polling using Smartphones

Engage your audience while they use their smartphones as a polling device

  • Poll Guru enables engagement by providing a fun, interactive, and safe method for sharing perspectives.
  • Poll Guru turns boring presentations into dynamic dialogues.
  • Poll Guru increases the retention of your message by turning slide-after-slide presentations into data driven conversations.

High-level overview of Poll Guru (32 seconds)

When you use Poll Guru, your presentation engagement skyrockets, perspectives from your team are openly shared, and you drive results.

BUZZ Gaming System

Fun, Competitive Gaming System that Everyone Loves Playing

Interactive team competition game that reinforces any content you select

  • BUZZ helps you assess gaps in knowledge so you can ensure your team is on the same page.
  • BUZZ fosters a fun environment and competitive spirit which enables innovation and collaboration.
  • BUZZ leaves your participants wanting more and opens the dialogue to new and different ideas.

High-level overview of BUZZ (37 seconds)

When you use BUZZ, your sessions are more dynamic, team engagement skyrockets, and your participants will be talking about your presentation for days.

Try It Simulations

Help your participants experience learning concepts and skills through real-world role play simulations and quantifiable feedback

Real life practice helps participants transition the learning from the classroom to the workplace

  • Try It Simulations adds structure and data to role plays, increasing retention of key learning content.
  • Try It Simulations can help decrease classroom time and accelerate the learning process.
  • Try It Simulations can dramatically increase ROI for your training events.

High-level overview of Try It Simulations (35 seconds)

Try It Simulations transitions average role play events into high impact learning events that can change hearts and minds.

Class in my Pocket

Virtual classroom that can be easily accessed anytime by any web-enabled device

Have essential training content for your organization? Build an app for your content with just a few clicks!

  • Class in my Pocket helps transition learning content into the workplace, encouraging behavioral changes.
  • Class in my Pocket helps your organization realize greater ROI on your training investments.
  • Class in my Pocket streamlines the communication process between your training staff and their participants.

High-level overview of Class in my Pocket (36 seconds)

When you implement Class in my Pocket for your key training content, your training classes transition into true learning events with impact.

Learning Arcade

Learning has never been so much fun!

Do not spend your training budgets on developing complicated learning games...we have a simple plug and play solution where you can implement a game in minutes - not months!

  • The Learning Arcade includes a simple game builder so you can develop and deploy high quality gamification events with ease.
  • The Learning Arcade can make any training event instantly fun and drives higher participation rates.
  • The Learning Arcade is a low-cost solution with high impact results.

The Learning Arcade comes with a warning...once you build one game, you will want to build games for all of your learning events!