Let’s be honest. Lectures are…​

Gamification Guru is on a mission to change boring training sessions into entertaining educational events. Use Gamification Guru’s approach to engage audiences and enhance the learning experience.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of using game thinking and game dynamics to engage audiences and solve problems.​
Gabe Zichermann

The One-Stop Shop for all of your Gamification Needs

Gamification Guru is a collection of games and interactive systems designed by the learning professionals at Looking Forward Consulting. They have used these dynamic tools on countless client initiatives and wanted to share their love of these tools with the world.

Live Smartphone Polling

Engage your audience when they use their smartphones as a polling device

BUZZ Gaming System

Interactive team competition game that reinforces any content you select

Class in my Pocket

Virtual classroom that can be easily accessed anytime by any web-enabled device

Try It Simulations

Help your participants experience learning concepts and skills through real-world role play simulations and quantifiable feedback

Gamification Consulting

Schedule a no-cost consultation to discover how gamification principles will help you accomplish your goals

Learning Arcade

Launching June 2020

Poll Guru

Audience polling made simple and affordable for everyone.

Engage your participants using their smartphones as a polling device

Ideal for ice breakers, learning retention, and reading the pulse of the room while maintaining confidentiality.

No downloads required or equipment to purchase

Poll Guru is a web-based application that works on ANY web-enabled device. It is fun and easy-to-use!

A variety of different question types

Choose from 10+ question types so you have a wide variety of ways to engage with your participants.

Drive inclusion through technology

Poll Guru Overview Video

Ways to use Poll Guru

Amp up virtual meetings (Zoom/WebEx)
Use Gamification Guru tools (Poll Guru, BUZZ) to bring excitement to your virtual presentations.
Use Poll Guru as a dynamic ice breaker tool
Use Poll Guru to escalate energy and increase fun – setting the tone for a successful team event.
Use Poll Guru for knowledge check purposes
Use Poll Guru to understand knowledge retained by participants, enabling facilitation adjustments and modifications to take place.
Use Poll Guru to capture staff meeting insights
Use Poll Guru to realize consensus and viewpoints of your team during a staff meeting.
Use Poll Guru to increase presentation engagement
Use Poll Guru to avoid a “Death by PowerPoint” outcome, ensuring audience members have a voice while remaining engaged throughout presentations.
Use Poll Guru to gauge team perspectives
Poll Guru enables a variety of anonymous perspectives to be collected while supporting creativity and strategic thinking.
Use Poll Guru to elevate e-learning interactions
Using the asynchronous feature of Poll Guru, you can provide participants with the autonomy to progress through customized questions at their own pace. Ideal for remote learning opportunities that don’t require participants to answer questions concurrently.
Use Poll Guru to get quick insights from a large group
Use Poll Guru to gain insights from your large group, class, or conference. All participants need is a smartphone and they can answer your polls easily and quickly. Using the synchronous feature of Poll Guru, you can control when the questions display and your participants can also give on-the-spot feedback using fun emoticons.

BUZZ is a customizable, web-based game that uses a variety of quiz-type questions to challenge participants and optimize the learning experience in a fun, interactive way. It is trivia night but with your content!

Easily build a game based on your content

Our game builder is simple and easy to use. You can create a game in less than 10 minutes… no programming skills required!

Play BUZZ anywhere & anytime

Flexible deployment modules are a perfect fit for in-person meetings, webinars, or even in an e-learning application!

Gameplay with built in Leaderboards

After every question in BUZZ, you will see a leaderboard displaying points for each person. You will be amazed by how excited your participants will be to win!

Healthy Competition drives Retention & Results!

BUZZ Overview Videos

Ways to use BUZZ

Use BUZZ to add a little spice into your training sessions
BUZZ allows facilitators to harness creativity and humor while leveraging gamification to emphasize key takeaways. It gives your training sessions a real kick!
Use BUZZ to increase accountability
When people play BUZZ, they are in it to win it! Displaying BUZZ’s leaderboard after each question allows everyone to recognize his/her understanding of the class content as it relates to everyone else in the session.
Use BUZZ to promote teamwork
Using BUZZ allows people and departments who might not work with one another often to collaborate for the common goal of victory.
BUZZ helps you find your session's top performer
Use BUZZ to recognize the top performer in the classroom. The scoreboard doesn’t lie! BUZZ provides creative options for recognition. This could come in the form of a cup of coffee, gift card, or some finger-licking goodness.
Amp up virtual meetings (Zoom/WebEx)
Use Gamification Guru tools (Poll Guru, BUZZ) to bring excitement to your virtual presentations.
Use BUZZ to drive knowledge retention
Use BUZZ to gauge the retention of the material delivered to your participants. Using BUZZ allows facilitators to adjust focus on needed topics based on the results.
Use BUZZ to instill a competitive spirit
Use BUZZ to create an environment of friendly competition. All participants need is a smartphone and they can answer customized questions easily and quickly. Using BUZZ provides the flexibility for participants to compete individually or in a team setting.
Class in my Pocket

Class in my Pocket is an app designed to streamline classroom management, communication, and gamification activities and transition them to where your participants look the most…their smartphones!

Creates access to your course content at the push of a button

Using the Class in my Pocket app, you can provide access to your course slides, images, web tools, videos, calendar of events, podcasts, or surveys! 

Advanced functionality for all of your participants' needs

Class in my Pocket enables two-way communication between you & your participants. They can chat with you, or you can send out notifications or pose a question to all participants!

Get everyone back from breaks on time; every time

The Class in My Pocket break timer notifies participants on their smartphones when the break is over and it’s time to return to the session.

Now your course has an app!

Class in my Pocket Overview Video

Try It Simulations

The Try It Simulations platform enables a revolutionary shift in learning simulations. All participants will experience a new way of applying your course content in a simulation and will receive immediate feedback on their performance.

Let them try the skills you are teaching in a safe environment

Try It Simulations provides a platform where your teams feel comfortable trying targeted skills and getting immediate feedback on how they did! Deliberate role play practice in a safe environment accelerates excellence.

You get a scorecard...you get a scorecard...everyone gets a scorecard!

Each participant receives a scorecard based on the role they played in the simulation. Talk about instant feedback! The scorecard provides participants the opportunity to recognize success, while addressing growth opportunities on their journey to continuous improvement.

Fully customizable based on your content

You can define the skills being assessed in the simulated environment easily and quickly, strategically focusing on the critical skills essential for individual and organizational success. All scorecards are customized around the skills you define.

It's like a role play...with data!

Try It Simulations Video

Poll Guru and BUZZ Pricing

Plug and Play Gamification Solutions

Nervous about technology? No need to stress! All plans include technical support. We are here to help!

Hit Me

Pick either Poll Guru or BUZZ
$ 99

Double Down

Licenses to both Poll Guru & BUZZ
$ 189

Poll Guru and BUZZ Team Licenses

Advanced Features. Team Competitions. Sharing Options. Consolidated Billing. Epic Win.


Teams license for 3 employees
$ 399

All In

Teams license for 10+ employees

Class in my Pocket & Try It Simulations Pricing

Advanced Gamification Tools

Class in my Pocket

Your Class Content on their Phones
  • Starting from $99 per month

Try It Simulations

Structured Simulations with Data
  • Starting at $3,000

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