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BUZZ is a customizable, web-based game that uses a variety of quiz-type questions to challenge participants and optimize the learning experience in a fun, interactive way. It is trivia night but with your content!
Easily build a game based on your content

Our game builder is simple and easy to use. You can create a game in less than 10 minutes… no programming skills required!

Play BUZZ anywhere & anytime

Flexible deployment modules are a perfect fit for in-person meetings, webinars, or even in an e-learning application!

Gameplay with built in leaderboards

After every question in BUZZ, you will see a leaderboard displaying points for each person. You will be amazed by how excited your participants will be to win!

Healthy Competition drives Retention & Results!

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Ways to use BUZZ

Use BUZZ to add a little spice into your training sessions
BUZZ allows facilitators to harness creativity and humor while leveraging gamification to emphasize key takeaways. It gives your training sessions a real kick!
Use BUZZ to increase accountability
When people play BUZZ, they are in it to win it! Displaying BUZZ’s leaderboard after each question allows everyone to recognize his/her understanding of the class content as it relates to everyone else in the session.
Use BUZZ to promote teamwork
Using BUZZ allows people and departments who might not work with one another often to collaborate for the common goal of victory.
BUZZ helps you find your session's top performer
Use BUZZ to recognize the top performer in the classroom. The scoreboard doesn’t lie! BUZZ provides creative options for recognition. This could come in the form of a cup of coffee, gift card, or some finger-licking goodness.
Amp up virtual meetings (Zoom/WebEx)
Use Gamification Guru tools (Poll Guru, BUZZ) to bring excitement to your virtual presentations.
Use BUZZ to drive knowledge retention
Use BUZZ to gauge the retention of the material delivered to your participants. Using BUZZ allows facilitators to adjust focus on needed topics based on the results.
Use BUZZ to instill a competitive spirit
Use BUZZ to create an environment of friendly competition. All participants need is a smartphone and they can answer customized questions easily and quickly. Using BUZZ provides the flexibility for participants to compete individually or in a team setting.
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