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Try It Simulations

The Try It Simulations platform enables a revolutionary shift in learning simulations. All participants will experience a new way of applying your course content in a simulation and will receive immediate feedback on their performance.

Let them try the skills you are teaching in a safe environment

Try It Simulations provides a platform where your teams feel comfortable trying targeted skills and getting immediate feedback on how they did! Deliberate role play practice in a safe environment accelerates excellence.

You get a get a scorecard...everyone gets a scorecard!

Each participant receives a scorecard based on the role they played in the simulation. Talk about instant feedback! The scorecard provides participants the opportunity to recognize success, while addressing growth opportunities on their journey to continuous improvement.

Fully customizable based on your content

You can define the skills being assessed in the simulated environment easily and quickly, strategically focusing on the critical skills essential for individual and organizational success. All scorecards are customized around the skills you define.

It's like a role play...with data!

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