Poll Guru

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Poll Guru

Audience polling made simple and affordable for everyone.

Engage your participants using their smartphones as a polling device

Ideal for ice breakers, learning retention, and reading the pulse of the room while maintaining confidentiality.

No downloads required or equipment to purchase

Poll Guru is a web-based application that works on ANY web-enabled device. It is fun and easy-to-use!

A variety of different question types

Choose from 10+ question types so you have a wide variety of ways to engage with your participants.

Drive inclusion through technology

Gamification Guru Poll Guru

Poll Guru Overview Video

Ways to use Poll Guru

Amp up virtual meetings (Zoom/WebEx)
Use Gamification Guru tools (Poll Guru, BUZZ) to bring excitement to your virtual presentations.
Use Poll Guru as a dynamic ice breaker tool
Use Poll Guru to escalate energy and increase fun – setting the tone for a successful team event.
Use Poll Guru for knowledge check purposes
Use Poll Guru to understand knowledge retained by participants, enabling facilitation adjustments and modifications to take place.
Use Poll Guru to capture staff meeting insights
Use Poll Guru to realize consensus and viewpoints of your team during a staff meeting.
Use Poll Guru to increase presentation engagement
Use Poll Guru to avoid a “Death by PowerPoint” outcome, ensuring audience members have a voice while remaining engaged throughout presentations.
Use Poll Guru to gauge team perspectives
Poll Guru enables a variety of anonymous perspectives to be collected while supporting creativity and strategic thinking.
Use Poll Guru to elevate e-learning interactions
Using the asynchronous feature of Poll Guru, you can provide participants with the autonomy to progress through customized questions at their own pace. Ideal for remote learning opportunities that don’t require participants to answer questions concurrently.
Use Poll Guru to get quick insights from a large group
Use Poll Guru to gain insights from your large group, class, or conference. All participants need is a smartphone and they can answer your polls easily and quickly. Using the synchronous feature of Poll Guru, you can control when the questions display and your participants can also give on-the-spot feedback using fun emoticons.
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