Class in my Pocket

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Class in my Pocket

Class in my Pocket is an app designed to streamline classroom management, communication, and gamification activities and transition them to where your participants look the most…their smartphones!

Creates access to your course content at the push of a button

Using the Class in my Pocket app, you can provide access to your course slides, images, web tools, videos, calendar of events, podcasts, or surveys! 

Advanced functionality for all of your participants' needs

Class in my Pocket enables two-way communication between you & your participants. They can chat with you, or you can send out notifications or pose a question to all participants!

Get everyone back from breaks on time; every time

The Class in my Pocket break timer notifies participants on their smartphones when the break is over and it’s time to return to the session.

Now your course has an app!

Class in My Pocket app Gamification Guru

Class in my Pocket Overview Video